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When allegations of abuse or neglect occur, Child Protective Services (CPS) has the authority and obligation to investigate and take appropriate legal action. The Law Office of Ellen Schutz in Dallas provides diligent representation for CPS cases.

The legal team understands the stress and anxiety associated with CPS investigations. Allegations of sexual abuse, child neglect, and child endangerment can tear families apart. This is especially true when individuals make false accusations during the scope and course of their divorce.

As a dedicated family law attorney, Ellen Schutz has handled countless CPS cases. She understands how CPS approaches their investigations. She will evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action.

Do you want to talk to an attorney about a CPS investigation? Call (214) 301-3418 to reach our office.

How Do I Fight Back Against CPS?

There are legal ways to fight back against the CPS or a court order. We understand that it is imperative to resolve these matters quickly to have your child returned. Without proper guidance, you could suffer serious consequences. The firm is committed to providing in-depth representation to protect clients’ rights. Ellen will contact CPS to obtain all essential information and investigate the situation to see why and how CPS got involved.

Her thorough representation can help prevent CPS from:

  • Taking the child out of your home
  • Terminating your parental rights
  • Placing the child in foster care

Child Protective Services has discretion over your child’s situation. We tailor our representation to ensure that the best interests of the child are also addressed. We understand the restrictions you may be facing and will provide effective guidance. Ellen is dedicated to navigating you and your family through your CPS case.

For a free initial phone consultation, call (214) 301-3418 to discuss your CPS issues. The firm represents clients in Dallas, Collin, and Denton counties.

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